Monday, April 6, 2009

Amuse bouche: Why must they foodgasm?

Food Network isn't what it used to be. No more Ming Tsai. No more Anthony Bourdain. Barely any Tyler Florence. Tons of Guy Fieri, the man who believes every dish must have sausage and cheese mixed in it and probably can't even spell "subtle." The most troubling trend, however, is that all the hosts, when they taste their food, go into hysterics at their own cooking efforts. They have a foodgasm. Giada is a horrendous offender, as is Paula Deen. No one is immune. There is no humility in tasting anymore, only shameless self-aggrandizement. Give me Jacques Pepin or Julia Child -- chefs who frequently went on camera and admitted their food needs a dash of this or pinch of that. Even the best don't always get it perfect the first time; why pretend?

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