Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Amuse Bouche: Guilty pleasure

Canned nacho cheese at the Astros' game. 7-Eleven spicy bite hot dogs. Hostess cupcakes. Fried turkey legs at a county fair. Chex Mix. Soft Batch cookies. Jimmy Dean sausage biscuits, fresh from the microwave. Taco Bell Meximelts. Everyone has his delicious-yet-embarrassing food secret. Is it some connection to childhood that does it? Some crack added during the process that creates trans fat? Whatever it is, perhaps a connection of some kind to childhood (well, maybe not for the Double Whopper), these guilty pleasures exist, just like reality television on VH1. Anyone want to top my inexplicable cravings for lukewarm Chick-Fil-A nuggets off of their catering trays?


Unknown said...

So when I was younger I liked to go to Wendy's and order two five-piece chicken nuggets and a small frosty.

Then I would use the frosty as the dipping sauce for the nuggets.

I think I missed the point of the assignment.

Sillilisteridatidester said...

White Castle burgers by the greasy sack full.