Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Amuse Bouche: The almost-chill of Houston fall

Autumn in Houston isn't so much autumn or a cooling off as it is a lifting of humidity. But it's good enough to reintroduce terms like "roast" and "braise" into the culinary vocabulary again. You also get those excellent fall ingredients, like butternut squash, fresh (not stored) apples, kale, figs, and pears. Seeing all the legitimately autumn weather on TV makes you want that cold-weather comfort food that seems to stay on Houston restaurant menus year-round but always feels out of place during the six months of oppressive summer. Houston's second spring is most welcome. This is a good week to hit the farmer's market of your choice, pick up some seasonal ingredients, and get down with the soothing flavors of fall ... while still eating on the patio.

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Anonymous said...

The best burger in town...only requires a cash transaction and meandering into the meth capital of Harris County.